2nd June 2022


How nails are related to Psoriasis is still a mystery to modern science. There is no cure that I have ever come across for Psoriasis. There is only one option, that is to learn how to live with Psoriasis. I have been studying how my body behaves with internal and external changes. Nails have been playing a role in how my Psoriasis starts, aggravates or is kept under control. Whenever my nails start to grow, I will see new Psoriasis patches appearing, it gets severe in few areas and becomes very difficult to control. After many such cycles, I realized the nails knowing or knowingly will start to scratch a new patch. The new patch will not even become active if left alone, but the gentle scratch, activates the spot and takes makes it more itchy, the scratching continues and the whole cycle starts. After realizing this connection, I make sure, I keep my nails cut and filed to leave no sharp edges. Believe, this will save you weeks or months of effort to get back the Psoriasis under control. I hope I am able to help you in a small way on how to manage Psoriasis

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