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31st January 2014


I am away from home. As soon as I reached this place I started to get ads that come with every click on any web page. I found all these ads are from the site. It first goes to netsmarketing site and then gets redirected to the ad destination URL. This did the miracle:

AdBlock plus just was perfect. For those for whom this is not working. Go on with these steps. wish you all the best.
If you are a techie, get this done from the Windows Host file. You need not any further :p. Others, let me take you through the detailed steps involved:

Step 1:

Navigate to: c:windowssystem32drivers

If your windows is on a different drive, change it. It will not be c: in that case.

Step 2:

Now change the permission of the folder /etc to write. To do this, right click on etc folder, then deselect the read only option and apply the changes. Don't worry that you are giving write access to a protected folder, we will remove this once we are done with the changes.

Step 3:

Now navigate to c:windowssystem32driversetc

Here you need to give full permission to file "host".

To do this, right click on the host file, then select properties. From here, select the security tab. Now hit edit to change the permission assigned. Now give full control from here. Don't worry that you are giving a full access to a protected file. We will undo this once we are done with the change that we are about to do.
Here open the file "host" open it with a text editor like the notepad. This is the file on your computer that will point the web browsers to the right ip address if you need to set them manually. This file will already have few entries in few cases, don't make any changes to the existing entries. Here we will say that the browsers will point to your local system for and will not look at the actual site as this is a adware server which throws us with unwanted ads.
To do this, add a new entry at the last line where other entries end:
After you add this entry, save the file and close it.
Step 4:
Now undo the full permission for the host file and also for the etc folder. This is very important.
It is done. Now try accessing the yourself, your browser will not take you to the actual site. So no way can force their ads on you 🙂
Leave a comment if there are more details. If you have a better method, point me there, I will publish it as well with due credits.

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