How to make Clear Ice Cubes at home?

26th April 2022

Clear ice is just a notch up to cool your favorite drinks. It is even more interesting when you serve your drinks to your guests with clear ice, it just makes the presentation very professions.

There are two main factors which helps in creating clear ice cubes.

Water Quality

Water has to be of good quality. It is also best to use warm water to get better clear ice cubes

Directional Freezing

Regular freezing happens from all direction, which will get air pockets trapped inside the cube, making it white and cloudy. It is important to freeze the water from one direction, so that air molecules gets pushed to the opposite direction and get trapped in one side, which can be removed easily.

You can use a 5 way insulated container for this purpose, else it is best to use a mold that is specifically built for clear ice. In Amazon,  you can get these molds starting from Rs. 199. You can buy the mold from this link - Amazon Clear Ice Cube Mold.


Happy Crystal Clear Ice Cube :)

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