Hoax or not? Mobiles to be 13 digits from 1st July

21st February 2018
You are reading this article as you come to know that the mobile numbers will be changed from a 10 digit format to a 13 digit format from July 1st 2018.

From July 2018 Mobile number will be of 13 digit.All 10 digit existing mobile number will be changed to 13 digit number max by October 2018.

This message is true, but the interpretation is false. The message clearly says this is for M2M communication. This is Machine to Machine communication. These are communications that does not cover our mobile communication. These are for Credit card processing, Debit card processing, GPS system, vending machines etc.

I will not be surprised if this even makes in to news media, due to the chaos this message can create in common people.


We can safely say this message is a Hoax as it is a wrong interpretation of a message, which is the only reason it is making its rounds.


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