Google nexus in India

13th February 2013
Google nexus 4 was all over the web for the specs it was packaged with and the price at which one can but the mobile without any mobile career contract. It was sold out in hours in all the countries it was released.

I was trying to buy  it when I was in US. It was the same experience you will have buying Rajini's movie ticket online when it opens. You will select the ticket if you have luck and the site works, other lucky people can even go to payment and you lose. Very few can cross these gates and get the ticket.

Same happened and I finally gave up. I was waiting for the release in India. New pages keep updating there are rumors that the mobile will be released in Dec/2012, later Jan/2013 later they stopped updating as Google was getting ready to launch the next Nexus device.

I am not sure why LG or Google did not release the Nexus device for the Indian market. India is one of the largest market, smart phones do have a considerable market share. With what Google nexus specs offered and if they come with a same competitive pricing to India, it will be a sure sweep. I am still clueless on why it is not launched in India yet. Looks like Indian stores will not see these devices. It is doing good online, and for a very high price.

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