Fish names from English to Bengali (বাংলা)

3rd August 2011

I don't speak Bengali well. Few of my Bengali friends are helping me putting this list together as we always will have trouble finding the Bengali name but would know the English name. This list is still in progress. If you know the name for any missing fish from the list, please leave it in the comment section. I want to create a resource that will help people to identify their favorite fish and enjoy the fish that get from various parts of this world.

Note: Click here to read on how to remove Formalin chemical preservative from Fish.

I am compiling this list from various sources. Please feel free to let me know any changes/corrections needed. I am trying my best to source the names in native Bengali (Bangla) language. Please help me with the names in the comment section if possible.

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English Bengali (বাংলা)
Anchovies/Anchovy Phasa (ফাশা/ ফ্যাঁসা)
Barramundi bhetki (ভেটকী)
Bluefin Travelly
Bombay Duck/Bummalo Bamaloh / Loytta
Butterfish, Murrel Pabda Jhol
Catfish Kuta kanti (কুটি কানটি),
Māgura mācha (মাগুর মাছ)
Catla (Bengal carp) Katla (কাতলা), Pla Kra Ho
Clams Śām̐sa (শাঁস)
Cod Panni meen
Convict surgeonfish
Crab Kankra (কাঁকড়া, কঙ্করা)
Cuttle fish
Dolphin Fish
Eel Kamila (কুইচা)
Emperor (Mula)
Fin bream (Threadfin bream)
Pink perch
Finned Bulleye
Flying fish
Garfish Kankley
Greas carp fish (Carp) Batta
Grouper (Reef cod)
Herring Giant
Hilsa Fish/Ilish/ Hilsa Herring/
Hilsa Shad/ Palla Fish/ Hilsha/ Ellis
Ilish (ইলিশ)
Horse Mackeral
Indian Goat fish
Indian Shad (Hilsa)
Indian Salmon(Hilsa) Gurjali fish (গুরুজালি মাছ)
Katla, Catla, Bengal Carp
King fish/Indo-Pacific king mackerel
Lady Fish
Leather skin fish
Little tunny
Lizard fish
Lobster Golda Chingri (গলদা চিংড়ি)
Mackerel Horse
Malabar Anchovy
Malabar Trevally
Mango Fish
Mangrove jack
Mangrove red snapper
Marine cat fish
Milk fish (White mullet)
Moon fish
Mrigal(White carp)
Mullet (Red Mullet)
Mullet Marine
Murrel (Snakehead fish) Cheng
Oyster Jhinuk (ঝিনুক)
Parrot fish
Pearl spot Karimeen
Prawn / Shrimp Chingdi
Red Snapper
Ribbon fish / Belt fish / hair tail
Rohu (Carpo fish) Rui (রুই)
Solmon (Indian solman / Threadfin)
Sardines Khoira (খৈরা)
Saw Fish / Gur
Seer fish
Shark Hangor (হাঙ্গর)
Silver Bar fish
Silver Belly / Pony fish
Silver Biddy
Silver Moony / Finger fish
Silver bat fish
Sole Fish / Tongue sole
Spade fish
Tilapia Tilapia (তেলাপিয়া)
Turbot (Indian spiny turbot)
Whip-tail sting ray/ Ray fish Shankar machh (শঙ্কর মাছ)
White fish (False Travelly)
Whiting / Lady fish
Yellowfin Tuna

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