Nom du poisson d'anglais en français

23rd July 2011

I created this list from various sources to help people to identify their favorite fish and enjoy the fish that get from various parts of this world. Language should not stop you from tasting your favorite poisson.

I am compiling this list from various sources. Please feel free to let me know any changes/corrections needed. I am trying my best to source the names in native French language. Please help me with the names in the comment section if possible.

English français
Anchovies / Anchovy Anchois
Barracuda Brochet de la mer
Black Bream Dorade gris
Black Scabbard fish Sabre
Blue Ling Lingue bleue
Bluefin Travelly
Bombay Duck / Bummalo
Bream / Gilthead Dorade or Dorade royale
Brill Barbue
Butterfish / Murrel
Catshark / Lesser Spotted Dogfish Roussette, Emissole
Catla (Bengal carp)
Cockle Coque commun
Cod Cabillaud, Morue
Coley / Saithe Lieu, Charbonnier
Convict surgeonfish
Crab Crabe, Etrille
Cray fish Langoustine, écrevisse
Cuttle fish Inktvis, Zeekat, Seich
Dab Limande
Dog Fish / Rock Salmon / Flake / Spurdog Aiguillat
Dolphin Fish / Dorado / Mahi Mahi Coryphene commune
Dover sole Sole commune
Eel Anguille
Emperor (Mula)
Fin bream (Threadfin bream)
Pink perch
Finned Bulleye
Flying fish
Flounder Flet
Goat Fish / Red mullet Rouget-barbet dore
Greas carp fish (Carp)
Greater forkbeard Mostelle (de roche)
Greater silver smelt / Argentine Argentine
Grey mullet Muge, Mulet
Grouper / Reef cod Merou
Haddock Eglefin
Halibut Fletan
Hake Merlu, Merluche
Halibut (Atlantic) Fletan
Halibut (Greenland) Fletan noir, Halibut noir
Halibut (Pacific) Fletan du Pacifique
Herring Giant / Sild Hareng
Hilsa Fish/Ilish/ Hilsa Herring/
Hilsa Shad/ Palla Fish/ Hilsha/ Ellis
Hoki Grenadier bleu de N.Zel
Horse Mackeral / Scad Chinchard
Indian Goat fish
Indian Shad (Hilsa)
John Dory St. Pierre
Katla, Catla, Bengal Carp
King fish/Indo-Pacific king mackerel
Lady Fish
Leather skin fish
Lemon sole Limande - sole commune
Ling Lingue
Little tunny
Lizard fish
Lobster Homard
Long rough dab Faux fletan, Balai
Lumpfish Lompe, mollet
Mackerel Maquereau
Mackerel Horse
Malabar Anchovy
Malabar Trevally
Mango Fish
Mangrove jack
Mangrove red snapper
Marine cat fish
Megrim Calimande, Limandelle
Milk fish / White mullet)
Monk fish / Anglerfish Lotte, Crapaud, Baudroie
Moon fish
Mrigal / White carp
Mullet (Red Mullet)
Mullet Marine
Murrel (Snakehead fish)
Mussels Moule
Octopus Encornet, Poulpe
Orange roughy Hoplostete orange
Oyster Huître
Parrot fish
Pearl spot
Pike Brochet, Brocheton
Plaice Plie
Pollock Lieu Jaune, Lieu Noir, Lieu de L'Alaska
Pouting, Bib Tacaud
Prawn - Large Gamba, Crevette grosse / royale
Rabbit fish Chimere
Rainbow trout Truite arc-en-ciel
Red Bream Dorade commune
Red Snapper
Redfish Sebaste
Ribbon fish / Belt fish / Hair Tail
Rohu (Carpo fish)
Roundnose grenadier Grenadier de roche
Sandeel Lancons
Scallops Coquilles St. Jacques
Solmon Saumon
Sardines Pilchard
Saw Fish / Gur
Sea Bream Daurade
Sea trout / Brown trout Truite
Seabass Bar, Abadèche rouge, Perche de la mer,
Bar Commun, lopu de mer
Seer fish
Shark Taupe
Shellfish Crustacés
Shrimp Crevettes
Silver Bar fish
Silver Belly / Pony fish
Silver Biddy
Silver Moony / Finger fish /
Silver bat fish
Skate Raies
Snake Mackerel / Escolar Escolier, Escolar
Snapper Lutjan
Sole Fish / Tongue sole
Spade fish
Sprat Amelette
Squid Calamars
Sturgeon (Baltic) Esturgeon
Sturgeon (Beluga) Beluga, grand esturgeon
Sturgeon (Stellate or Sevruga) Esturgeon etoile, Sevruga
Sword Fish Espadon
Tiger Prawn Crevette tigree
Tuna (Albacore) Germon
Tuna (Northern Blue fin) Thon rouge
Tuna (Southern Blue fin) Thon rouge du sud
Tuna Thon
Turbot / Indian spiny turbot Turbot
Whip-tail sting ray/ Ray fish
White fish (False Travelly)
Whiting / Lady fish Merlan
Witch or Torbay sole Plie cynoglosse
Wolfish Loup de mer
Yellow fin Tuna Albacore

I would like to hear from you if this list did help you in what you are looking for and if you have any suggestions to make this list even better.

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