Fish name from English to 汉语/漢語 and Pinyin

27th July 2011

I created this list from various sources to help people to identify their favorite fish and enjoy the fish that get from various parts of this world. Language should not stop you from tasting your favorite fish.

I am compiling this list from various sources. Please feel free to let me know any changes/corrections needed. I am trying my best to source the names in native Chinese and Pinyin language. Please help me with the names in the comment section if possible.

English 汉语 (Chinese) Pinyin
Abalone 鲍鱼 Bao4 yu2
African Catfish 革鬍鯰
Algae 苔菜 Tai2 cai4
Aruan / Haruan / Common Snakehead 線鱧
Barramundi 尖吻鱸
Black carp 青鱼 Qing1 yu2
Blunt-snout 武昌鱼 Wu3 chang1 yu2
Carp 鲤鱼 Li3 yu2
Clam 文蛤 Wen2 ge2
Cod 鳕鱼 Xue3 yu2
Crab Xie4
Crucian carp 鲫鱼 yu2
Cuttlefish 墨鱼 yu2
Dace 鲮鱼 yu2
Dorado 大顎小脂鯉
Dried shrimp 虾米 Xia1 mi3
Eel 鳝鱼 Shan4 yu2
Fish yu2
Fish roe 鱼子 yu2 zi3
Frog legs 田鸡腿 Tian2 ji1 tui3
Green chromide 綠腹麗魚
Grouper 石班鱼
Jaguar Guapote 馬拉麗體魚
Laver 紫菜 Zi3 cai4
Loach 泥鳅 Ni2 qiu1
Lobster 龙虾 Long2 xia1
Mackerel 鲭鱼 Qing1 yu2
Marbled goby / Belantuk / Hantu / Soon Hock 雲斑尖塘鱧
Marine eel 海鳗 Hai3 man2
Mayan Cichlid 尾斑麗體魚
Midas Cichlid 紅魔麗體魚
Milkfish 遮目魚
Mozambique Tilapia 南非非鯽
Mud snail 田螺 Tian2 luo2
Mussels 淡菜 Dan4 cai4
Octopus 章鱼 Zhang1 yu2
Oyster 牡蛎 Mu3 li4
Peacock Bass 眼點麗魚
Pike 梭子鱼 Suo1 zi3 yu2
Pomfret 鲳鱼 Chang1 yu2
Prawn 对虾 Dui4 xia1
Redhead Cichlid 紅頭麗體魚
Redstriped Eartheater 蘇里南珠母麗魚
River crab 河蟹 He2 xie4
Salmon 马哈鱼,鲑鱼 Ma3 ha1 yu2, gui1 yu2
Sardine 沙丁鱼,鲱鱼 sha1 ding1 yu2, fei1 yu2
Scamp 大虾 Da4 xia1
Sea crab 海蟹 Hai3 xie4
Sea weed 海带 Hai3 dai4
Shark 鲨鱼 Sha1 yu2
Shark’s fin 鱼翅 Yu2 chi4
Shrimp 河虾,小虾 He2 xia1, xiao3 xia1
Shrimp shelled 虾仁 Xia1 ren2
Silver carp 白鲢 Bai2 lian2
Snail fish 剥皮鱼 Bo1 pi2 yu2
Speckled Pavon 金目麗魚
Squid 鱿鱼 You2 yu2
Sturgeon 鲟鱼 Xun2 yu2
Three Spot Cichlid 三斑麗體魚
Toman / Giant Snakehead 小盾鱧
Trout 鳟鱼 Zun1 yu2
Tuna 金枪鱼 Jin1 qiang1 yu
Turtle 甲鱼 Jia3 yu2
White-spotted Rabbit Fish 長鰭籃子魚
Yellow fish 黄花鱼 Huang2 hua1 yu2
Zebra Tilapia 布氏非鯽

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I would like to hear from you if this list did help you in what you are looking for and if you have any suggestions to make this list even better.

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