Drona - Confused super hero...

24th November 2008
Drona has been described as a Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones movie, but with an original story. But was not true when I met with the truth. Except the part that it has a original story.
The movie did not have a proper screen play. No one could say which category the movie belong to, is it a movie for the kids, is it a action movie, is t a family drama or a love based. It started with high expectations, the camera movement, make-up and the lighting all said that it is going to be a movie filled with a super hero fantasy, I was thrilled. But the story started to move, and there was a suspicious Yellow car roaming around. Fine with a car of this sort the person inside the car must be loaded with all the modern weapons. And the truth unveils when Priyanka Chopra gets down from the car with a Ancient Kalari style weapon. 'I was expecting a high power machine gun'.
Fine, I was let down, but let the movie go with the same feel. Again I was let down, the scene opened in a desert. Where AB meets Jaya Bachan, the queen of a kingdom. ???I thought the movie runs in modern time, where did this queen come from??? And it movie turned to be a family drama with few tears shed. But this should be a action packed super hero movie. And where is the action? Where is the famous Drona sword I was in the posters and how about some transportation(White horse). These questions were unveiled later in the movie. BUT I WANT SUPER HERO ACTION.
In the due course the only positive is some good graphics and Priyanka Chopra. And there was a horse stunt which reminded me of our Chiru horse stunt and Balaya bike stunt. Another let down.
Finally the story need to end, and you know the bad guys die and good guys live happily for ever.
And to answer the question : Which category this movie belong to? It is a movie with a confused screen play with something for everyone from 6 to 60. But not enough to call it worthy.


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