Beef Briyani in Vaniambadi - Worth for a pit-stop

9th April 2017
There are still people like me who would look out for a nice Beef Biryani when you are in a new town. I was on a Solo bike ride to Yelagiri. I choose Yelagiri for two reasons, one is a good climate and proximity to Vanuambadi and Ambur to try some good food.

Famous Biryani in Vaniambadi would be Khaja and Ahmedia Briyani, but putting up shop in a Muslim heart land, these two places do not serve Beef. If you want to try Beef, you can try shop in the street next to Ahmedia, items to try are Beef Chops, it is a nice beef steak, along with the T bone deep fried in oil. Meat becomes tender and taste is just wow. Also try Sheek kabab. Now coming to Beef Briyani, I went searching for it during evening, started asking people, was pointed to a street next to a Mosque, I did see KR Briyani, but the shop was closed at 8 pm. I was told they do not serve Briyani during evenings. Next was Arshad, I saw the Arshad Beef stall, but again Briyani place was closed. After hearing from people how tasty the briyani is in these places, I wanted to try these at any cost.

Next day I made another 30km trip to Vaniambadi to try  this briyani. I selected Arshad, it is a very small shop which can seat a max of 15 - 20 ppl at a time. Being Ramzan season, it was just 4 people having Briyani. Half place briyani us Rs. 45. If you are eat well, you need to have 2 - 3 plates. Taste, just yummy. No complaints, masala was balanced, no separate masala or tomato on the rice that you need to separate and have. Meat was very tender. Taste is comparible with Ritche Street Briyani. Meat tenderness is same as in Sukku bhai.

If you are crossing Vaniambadi, I would definitely suggest a pit-stop for this amazing briyani.

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