BCCI - Is it really our Indian cricket team ??????

12th December 2008
This is some thing which I am not able to accept.

Is BCCI cricket team our National cricket team???
Should we have to take BCCI so personal???
Should we have to be so patriotic about a private cricket club??????

BCCI is a society, registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. As a private club, BCCI or the state-level associations are not required to make their balance sheets public. It has no direct link with the Indian government. It just caries the brand name of India. With the status of the SO CALLED Indian cricket team, BCCI has a monopoly on the entire sporting arena in India. It just sucks the blood from all the other sports.

How many Indians would have got a chance to hold a Hockey stick in their life. Do we still realize hockey is our national games not just for books but for real. Do we know the treatment of our hockey players. A news clipping in NDTV (2006) shows that players have to share rooms in their accomodation provided by the hockey federation during their training or during their matches. Not even the basics are provided. Players have to wash their cloths themselves.

And there was another news (2005) about one of our boxing champion who has won a Gold medal in a International event. He holds a job in Indian railway, as a parking ticket collector. Not even a single person would know he was responsible to hoist our national flag high above the others, leaving other countrymen salute. All he does not is a 8 hour of job under the hot sun. And not acting for a million dollar ad campaign.

And Boxing, after the medal in 2008 Olympics has not seen much of a status change. The Boxing federation organized a event similar to the IPL format after the medals in the Olympics. Not a single Rupee from our patriotic sponsors, who would pour millions in to BCCI. In case of IPL the branding of stumps in DLF name, showing its logo on the sidescreen, naming Pepsi as the IPL official drink for five years will attract $12.5 million fee. Is just a tip of the ice(Gold) berg.

Here are few facts about BCCI not known to many

(i) The BCCI logo is derived from the emblem of the Order of the Star of India, India's highest order of chivalry during the British Raj and also its Coat of Arms.

BCCI logo resembles the Ashok Chakra. But not as this article from Wikipedia says. This logo was from the Imperial British government who claimed themselves as the governing body of India, as in this case it is the Indian cricket.

(ii) BCCI is given a tax exemption by the Indian Government under the existing provisions of Income-Tax Act 1961, the income of an association established with the object of encouraging games like cricket, hockey, football, tennis is exempt from income-tax. Will this do any good to the country. BCCI is now a complete commercial corporate body with a motive to sell cricket, why not its revenue be spent on other sports.

BCCI is just a corporate house camouflaged as brand India. And being patriotic about our Indian cricket team just has no meaning to it.


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2 comments on “BCCI - Is it really our Indian cricket team ??????”

  1. Wow! Very good article… glad to know that someone shares similar views about this issue as I do. Post reading your article some piece of information from my memory just flashed so thought will share it with you.
    1) India did win 2 medals in 2008 Olympics. Gold and bronze. No newspaper or website bothered featuring it on the front page. Its sad considering the fact that Sachin’s back surgery was national headline.
    2) Movie chak de India was based on India women’s hockey team. Movie was a box office hit. But it did very little upgrade hockey team’s status. Ironically the so-called super star of this movie was the same guy who started IPL cricket series and even owned a cricket team.
    3) In 200 india won 20-20 world cup on the same day as Indian hockey team won it’s first every asia cup. Indian cricketers were honored by ministers and prayed by Indians where as no one had even heard of india’s victory in Hockey.
    India has won more than 20 gold medals in Olympics in history. But it is sad that its very little known fact. The “change” of their fate only lies in hands of media & rich marketers who might one day hopefully wake up from the right side of the bed.

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