Anbe Shivam movie review

24th November 2008
Anbe Shivam is a movie of great ideologies. But was not accepted to make it a commercial hit. The movie starts when Nallasivam (Kamal), and Anbarasu (Madhavan) miss their flight from Buwaneshwar to Chennai. They are forced to travel to chennai immediately since Nallasivam is carrying a huge check along with him for the poor needy labors. And Anbarasu needs to be in Chennai for his marriage. So they travel by Train, Taxi and all means to reach Chennai. On their way they see the real life, which Anbarasu is not used to as a Advertising executive. This sets the plot to a clash in ideologies between Nallasivam and Anbarasu. Later Anbarasu realises the truth and accepts Nallasivan as his brother (More like his wellwisher).

The path Nallasivam has taken to this point was not a easy one. He is a hardcore communist raising his voice to increase the salary for the workers. But is being shut down by the capitalist owners. And also falls in love with the owners daughter. When they flea to get married. Nallasivam is caught in a bus accident and is hospitalized. Nallasivam and Bala (The owners daughter) were convinced the other is dead. Hence Nallasivam goes on to work for his fellow workers as a sounding board. And Bala gets ready for her marriage.

But the bridegroom is Anbarasu. Nallasivam uses this opportunity to convince the owners for a raise in salary and let go his love to his brother. Nalasivam character in tha later part of the movie is more like a atheist. But not exactly, since he thinks there exists no god except the good people are god themselves. And the title tells it all ANBE SHIVAM ' Love is god'.

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