2LDK - True art of screen play Review

24th November 2008
2LDK (2 bedroom, Living room and Kitchen. The Japanese way of 2BHK) is one of the best directed movie. This movie was a result of a challenge by a Japanese producer Shinya Kawai to Yukihiko Tsutsumi (Directed 2LDK) and Ryuhei Kitamura (Directed Aragami). The challenge was to direct a movie in a single set, within a week and the story should be a battle between two.

2LDK was filmed in 8 days, with just 2 actress(Just 2 faces you can see in the complete movie) and is filmed in a 2LDK(2BHK) appartment. Eiko Koike and MahoNonami live in the same apartment and they belong to the same talent agency and are expecting to create a name for their own. They have a totally different attitude with their different social background. Nozomi is a country girl who always looks higher towards Rana who is a flashy looking City girl. They have set rules they follow to share the accommodation. The rule even extends to labeling the stuffs in the refrigerator. Both stay separately even though they share the same roof. They are polite with each other on the outer surface, but the inner thoughts are different.

And these difference in their inner thoughts start to speak and the argument heats up and fires the battle between the two girls. The battle goes up until them start to kill each other with the household equipments.

WOW what a movie it is. If you want to be carried away by a movie. This would be a movie you would want to see. 2LDK is about true human nature. As raw it is.


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